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Turkey is the one of the popular country for investment by foreigners

Turkey is the one of the popular country for investment by foreigners. Year-on-year house sales to foreigners increased by 79% compared to the previous year. When the figures for the last five years based on the number of houses sold to foreigners in Turkey was more than 122 thousand. Iraq received the highest number of residents.

Although house sales to foreigners caused a lot of controversy for a period, the housing sector, which was opened with the regulations, became the new favorite of foreign investors. According to TUIK data, the number of houses sold in the last five years;

  • Year 2014: 18,959
  • Year 2015: 22,991
  • Year 2016: 18,391
  • Year 2018: 22,428
  • Year 2018: 40.044

This is how it happened. It carried out a massive explosion in 2018 that the number of houses sold and all eyes in the real estate investment sector 79% increase in the world has caused to be translated into Turkey.

Citizens who bought the most housing in the last 5 years

  • Iraq: 19,274
  • Saudi Arabia: 10,653
  • Kuwait: 7,794
  • Russia: 6,888
  • Iran: 5,852
  • Afghanistan: 5,023
  • Germany: 4,221
  • United Kingdom: 3,912
  • Azerbaijan: 3,617
  • Jordan: 2,433
  • Ukraine: 2,221
  • Sweden: 2,087
  • Egypt: 1,978
  • Yemen: 1,653
  • Qatar: 1,552
  • Palestine: 1,287

According to TUIK data, which makes the investment much about the country being Iraqi citizens in Turkey and then in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to follow. Considering the total number of countries in the Middle East appears to be of much interest to Turkey.

Among the reasons for the explosion in Turkey in 2018 of their interest in the issue of foreign investment and the effect of the exchange rate is 250 thousand dollars in residential areas to take the lead in regulation to give Turkey Passport.

Turkey in the dollar crisis occurred as a result of the Turkish lira in 2018, with foreign investors to make investment in housing to decline against the US Dollar came to Turkey was quite attractive. Especially in their holiday preferences of the citizens of Middle Eastern countries as a result of our love to spend heavily in Turkey and the country has been in this direction.

The regulations on the Turkish citizenship law were reflected as a return to the housing sector. While Turkish citizenship was granted to foreigners who had previously bought housing worth US $ 1 million, this figure was reduced to $ 250 thousand in September 2018. Again, the arrangements made for people who are not yet homeowners but who undertake to purchase Turkish citizenship has opened the way to apply.

Antalya, Istanbul, Bursa, Sakarya, Trabzon, Aydin and Yalova were the cities where foreign investors bought housing. In 2018, the city where foreigners received the most housing was İstanbul with 14,270 units, followed by Antalya with 7,938 houses and Bursa with 2,133 houses. Ankara, which has increased compared to previous years, followed Yalova with 2,133 houses and 2,063 houses.

For the first time in 2018, the provinces that exceeded the limit of one thousand housing sales were Sakarya with 1,366 houses, Trabzon with 1,344 housing, Aydın with 1,070 housing and finally Mersin with 1,022 housing.

In 2017, the number of provinces with 4 thousand housing sales was 4, while in 2018 this number increased to 8 and the interest of foreign investors is increasing every year.

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