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Property for sale in Bursa, Turkey

Owning a property in Bursa is one of the best decisions about your future life. It’s both an industrial city with a modern life and an historical city with its past and assets which survived for 600 years.

Real estate investment in Bursa is a great way to get a holiday or second home. Arab investors mostly choose to buy an apartment in Bursa.

Bursa offers foreigners many things at once!

Before mentioning the advantages of life in Bursa, let me ask you, do you wonder how much does it cost to buy a house or a villa in Bursa? No, it’s less than Istanbul!

Even though these 2 great cities linked each other by motorway and seaway, Bursa has a calming life here… The price range of real estates for sale in Bursa, starting from USD 40.000 for apartments with 2 bedrooms, reaches to USD 400.000 for a luxury villa with 5-7 bedrooms. It’s almost half of the prices of similar properties in Istanbul, Turkey.

Is investing in Bursa a good idea?

The information about Bursa will help you to answer your question by yourself.

  • One of the fastest-growing city (not only in Turkey but also in the World)
  • Has 18 Industrial Zones
  • Has 3 ports for deep-sea transportation
  • Connected to Istanbul and Izmir (just 90 minutes to Istanbul, 2 hours to Izmir)
  • First capital of Ottoman Empire
  • Final destination of historical Silk Way which is starting from China
  • Has lots of amazing historical mosques
  • Most famous skiing resorts of Turkey, Uludag is located in Bursa too
  • World’s leading companies have factories in Bursa (Renault, Fiat, Bosch are just some of them)
  • It is a self-sufficient city with agricultural products, and exporting foods as well
  • A leading city in the textile industry, still number one in Turkey
  • Produces 5% all of the services and goods in Turkey
  • Second highest exporter city of Turkey

I think we should let you discover the remaining satisfactorily things of life in Bursa. Real estate investment in Bursa is a great way to get a holiday or second home. Arab investors mostly choose to buy an apartment in Bursa.

Who are the main foreign buyers of homes in Bursa?

Last year saw records number of Arab tourists choosing to travel to Turkey for their holidays with the number of tourists from Arab countries increasing to over three million 9% more than the year before. The visitors claim to feel more at ease in Turkey, a majority Muslim country, than in other Western tourist destinations. The Arabs come to enjoy Turkey from the tourist’s perspective but also there is an increase in those becoming involved in large real estate acquisitions. German, British and Russian nationals are known for owning lot of Turkish property in the well known beach destinations such as Kemer or Bodrum. 2013 saw over fifteen thousand foreigners purchasing properties in Turkey, and now the Arabs have decided that they should be involved in the Turkish real estate. With this in mind, statistics show that the Arabs bought in the excess of 2,500 properties in Turkey in 2014 surpassed all other investing countries. At the property convention last year held in lstanbul 10,000 Arab visitors expressed interest in Bursa villas, residences, shopping malls and office space with sales over the three days amounting to USD 500 million up a staggering USD 380 million on the year before. Whilst the new is fun and attractive older villas are also in high demand by Arab billionaires’ who still wish to purchase in the seaside residences in places such as chic Istanbul Bosporus neighbourhoods like Kandilli, Bebek and Yenikoy. Apart from lstanbul Arabs are buying villas close to Sapanca Lake and Kartepe, with increasing interest in the city of Bursa, an important historic centre with beautiful natural surroundings.

Is Bursa all about bargain properties and low cost of living?

Living in Turkey is not expensive for the foreigners from EU, USA and GCC countries. There are few locations where the housing and cost of living will not be cheaper than their home countries. This is certainly true of Bursa which is an area with excellent employment prospects and also an area that has been on the receiving end of significant redevelopment in particular to the transportation links and roads making it so much easier to commute to and from, but also much easier for tourists to visit. Whilst there are bargain properties still to be purchased in Bursa and the cost of living is that much lower, there is so much more to the area that just this. Bursa was at one time the first Ottoman Empire and as such the area is steeped in historical sites and areas of beauty. Bursa is definitely far more than just a bargain property with a low cost of living, it is an area that is gaining in affluence year on year and sure to become a highly sought after city of the future.

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