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Top 10 Reasons Why Live in Bursa, Turkey

You may have come to Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir so far. You may liked it so much, or even may though about living in Istanbul or Antalya. You may have dreamed a life in Turkey. 

Have you ever thought of living in Bursa? If you haven’t thought about it, this article is for you … Everything you need to know about why you should live in Bursa is here.

Let’s start without wasting any time…

People have some criterias to find a new home in a new city… So, what are those criterias, let’s check it out together without time wasting…

  1. Security – Crime Rates
  2. Proximity to health centers
  3. Cost of living
  4. Climate and weather
  5. Diversity
  6. Cultural assets
  7. Transportation
  8. Real estate prices
  9. Job opportunities
  10. Life

The list goes on, but in general, these are the criteria of people at first look. Let’s start to examine Bursa according to this list…

Before we start our list, let’s try to recognize Bursa by numbers. According to 2019 data, Bursa population is 2,994,521 and 50.03% of this population is male and 49.97% is female. Total population with Bursa, Turkey has taken the title of the most populous As a result of the measurements covering the years (1928-2018) for Bursa, the average annual temperature is 14.6 degrees. Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. In general, let’s start to go deeper by completing the figures about Bursa…

Safe living

If you have heard of the city of Rio, where you are afraid to walk around the streets, you think twice when you go out at night, and you cannot withdraw money from ATMs alone, then Bursa will be the address of peace you are looking for.

Bursa, Turkey and all the countries in the world’s safest city, according to Numbeo site where the city kept statistics. Although the rankings changed from time to time with Bursa Eskişehir independent research made it a very livable cities According to the results from the best city in Turkey.

The research has certain criteria, we will tell you about other aspects of security. Do you know the good old times, you know the beautiful years your mother entrusted you to your neighbor, that neighborhood culture. The years when everyone knew each other.

Bursa is still a city where modern living culture is blended with the traditional neighborhood culture and the living spaces where intertwined people live safely and peacefully. Of course, with the increasing population, the rising number of floors, the hustle and bustle of city life may not be as much communication between neighbors as before. But there are such neighborhoods that when people get sick, their neighbors come and cook and all their needs are met by their neighbors. Again, as the collective picnics and celebrations, people leave the past in the beautiful traditions and customs.

If we continue with the safe life examples in Bursa, crime prevention and detection of crime is very fast thanks to the security cameras (MOBESE) covering every part of the city. Bursa is the leader in security and crime prevention, with a large number of private security sites and patrol police and motorized police.

I don’t know if you remember, but the guards walk around the streets at night. Bursa is one of the rare cities whose streets are still guarded.

Again, the Bursa Police Department conducts inspections to night clubs and venues, called peace operations, and ensures that night and entertainment life is peaceful.

There is much to be said about security, but it may be the subject of another article, but I wonder if you are reading these lines, these quaint neighborhoods, these compassionate, good-hearted people are wondering where they are, we are as far away as a phone call for this question …

# Health Centers

If we say that Bursa is the capital of health, we would not be lying. As a number of state and private hospitals, Bursa is a healing city with 45 hospitals. There is a health center in every neighborhood where you live, and in each health center there is a Family Doctor who only deals with the street where you live.

Again, the emergency units of each hospital are available 24/7. Sufficient number of ambulances and private ambulances. With special vehicles ready to go on land, sea and snowy roads such as helicopter ambulance service, Bursa gets full marks from the health authorities.

Our wish is that no one will get sick, but for a simple cold, just go to the doctor and go out of your house for a small 10-minute walk, which is based on the furthest distance to the health center in your neighborhood. Moreover, you do not pay any fees for this health service.

Again, Bursa hosts new health centers in comparison with its increasing population every year, and thousands of people benefit from the healing of modern and alternative medicine such as hair transplantation, heart surgery and spa therapy every year. To provide you with the health service you need in Bursa

Just call us.

# Cost of Living

We said Bursa is the fourth largest city by population city in Turkey, not only the magnitude referred to as a city, but also in manufacturing, the industry and the agriculture is one of the most intense and where she made.

Bursa plain, with its districts and villages, is one of the few cities capable of exporting first class agricultural products and vegetables and fruits abroad. In this case, people’s food expenditure is much cheaper than other provinces.

There is a famous saying in Bursa, we say “In Bursa, water is drunk from the fountain”, so we mean that you don’t pay for the water you drink in your house. From the fountains in the house, from the fountains at the beginning of the street, always clean, good taste, wonderful drinkable water flows. This invaluable service is as accessible as opening a tap in Bursa.

Again, due to the fact that Bursa is an industrial city, the purchasing power of the people is high but the prices are worth it.

# Climate and Weather

Bursa is one of the most beautiful places in the four seasons, we have given at the beginning of our article. When the average annual temperature is measured, it has an air that does not freeze from the cold or roast from the heat with a temperature like 14.6.

If you want to see the temperature values ​​in months;

  1. January Average Temperature: 5.3
  2. February Average Temperature: 6.2
  3. March Average Temperature: 8.3
  4. April Average Temperature: 12,9
  5. May Average Temperature: 17.7
  6. June Average Temperature: 22,1
  7. July Average Temperature: 24,5
  8. August Average Temperature: 24.3
  9. September Average Temperature: 20,1
  10. Average Temperature of October: 15.4
  11. November Average Temperature: 10,9
  12. December Average Temperature: 7.3

It has average temperatures. As a person living in non-statistics Bursa, Bursa, also known as Green Bursa, has a life that keeps the climate and air temperature in the most comfortable way with the trees it possesses. Despite the high temperatures during the summer months, the shadows of trees that you can see everywhere will give you tremendous coolness and joy.

Bursa is also one of the top cities in the industry with its clean air. For more than 20 years, natural gas has been used for heating in residential buildings and therefore the air pollution rate of solid fuels is minimum. There is a natural gas line in every neighborhood of Bursa and the clean environmentalist lifestyle dominates the city.

# Diversity

Bursa is one of many cities in our country where people from different geographies can live together peacefully. Bursa is among the most preferred cities of those coming from other countries until the 4th of this article.

According to the latest statistics, Bursa is a cosmopolitan city where 30 thousand citizens of different countries live and 2700 houses were sold to foreigners last year. It is a city where Syrians are predominant due to the civil war and the citizens of countries such as German, British, French, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are at the top of the list.

All these cultural mosaics coexist brotherly, and to date, it has not been found that a Turk and a foreigner are police stations. Every neighborhood owns the citizens of the world as its 40-year-old neighbor and does not treat them as foreigners.

In short, Bursa will continue to stay that way for centuries with hundreds of different cultures, as it did thousands of years ago.

# Cultural Assets

Bursa is a cultural center with its natural beauties and galleries and museums including modern art. The fact that winter sports like Uludağ has the most popular attraction, many waterfalls, lakes and forests, caves and beaches are all tastes in Bursa.

It is one of the first preferred places for the people of Bursa with its miles of coast in the Marmara Sea and its golden sand. It is a paradise with urban forest and national park for people to breathe and have a picnic for the family. Waterfalls, caves, lakes, streams with wetlands, such as allows you to cool and explore.

With dozens of museums, theaters, concerts, festivals and fairs, Bursa is one of the rare cities that can stay alive and fresh all the time.

In order to list the places to visit in Bursa, this article should be a book, so, to mention a little, Ulucami, Green Mosque and Green Tomb, religious centers, Uludag are some of the main places to see.

# Transportation

One of the most popular aspects of Bursa is undoubtedly that it has full competence in transportation. The city of Bursa is located on a line from east to west and is geographically bounded by Uludağ in the south and Marmara Sea in the north.

There chord. Osmangazi, Nilüfer and Yıldırım districts which are the center of Bursa city are connected by Bursaray, which is a rail system for transportation to each other.

You can go to Bursa from the east and west where settlement has started with a single ticket.

Yenişehir Airport in Bursa is also reached from the center of Bursa in less than 40 minutes, and with its brand new roads and smart intersection arrangements, Bursa offers a trouble-free, painless life that will make you happy about livable and traffic.

# Real estate prices

I want information from you in this field or you fill out…


# Job opportunities

Bursa is a complete industrial city, with a total of 23 organized industrial zones, including the few remaining in its construction. Every year, showing continuous growth with exports breaking records Bursa industry, as well as Turkey are both economic regeneration throughout the city.

It has two automobile manufacturing plants (Fiat and Renault) and the automotive sub-industry, which prepares parts for this automotive sector, the textile, food, energy, IT and machinery sectors, and Bursa with its two-digit growth figures.

Bursa is also one of the leading companies in the global business field with the representation or the factories of many international companies.

# Life

We have dealt with Bursa in many respects in general and now it is time to introduce Living Bursa in which everyone will be present. What kind of a city you call Bursa, as a result of intensive business life 5 days a week working hours until the end of working hours, people find peace in their homes, they want to go out is a city with many alternatives.

For example, you wanted to have a nice dinner with your partner or lover. There are so many places that you can choose if you want, you can eat fish in a luxurious or shabby place by the sea, if you want you can taste the world cuisine in the hotel restaurants, if you wish you can have a great time with the dishes that are suitable for your taste in Bursa’s well-known restaurants.

The weekend has come and you’re bored, there are new movies in sight and the movie you’ve been waiting for a long time has been released, so we’re waiting for you in the movie theaters. There are cinema halls in almost every shopping center, and all the films that are on the screen are simultaneously screened with the world and you can have this opportunity very easily.

Shopping enthusiasts have good news, Bursa textile and fashion is one of the most vibrant cities, the historical Grand Bazaar and shopping centers you can shop at any time thanks. You can shop for hours at the shopping malls and covered bazaar shops where hundreds of local and foreign brands are represented.

Let’s come to another important issue, I wonder how education in Bursa. Bursa is a paradise for education with both public and private schools and colleges.

Primary schools, secondary schools and high schools in every neighborhood and no children are deprived of educational opportunities, and it is possible to get a more specific education with the presence of private schools. It will be a pleasure for you to choose the best for your children in Bursa with its private schools that host many different sports like swimming pool, jogging tracks, tennis courts, indoor basketball courts.

Bursa, with its two public and private universities, provides many opportunities for education not only for children but also for your adult children and young people.

 Bursa has plenty of variety for clubs and societies which are essential for active life. Among thousands of specialized associations and societies, you can step into a social life where you feel most happy. In addition, there are many associations established in Bursa to meet and meet foreign women, and through regular meetings, new friendships are opened to new friendships.

Another issue to be mentioned in Bursa is gastronomy. In Bursa, which has a very rich culinary culture, you can experience many tastes ranging from traditional delicacies to corner tastes. With the tastes that are unique to Bursa and appealing to all kinds of tastes, İskender Kebap, Pideli Köfte, Tahinli Pide, Chestnut Candy and Ottoman cuisine are waiting for you.

Last but not least, it is so easy to leave your home in the city center for skiing in winter and skiing at the summit of Uludağ in half an hour thanks to the cable car. With the adrenaline park, hitting the bottom of the adventure and adrenaline will give you unforgettable moments. If you want to watch the sky from above

heredity is priceless for you. If you are interested in nature sports, specially prepared courses are waiting for you in the cutthroat fight. In addition, sports such as gokart, mountaineering, nature trips, fishing in many lakes and the sea, cycling, hunting, shooting and countless sports organizations.

There is a saying, Bursa can not be told, to live. We don’t know how much we tell, but there are dozens of information that we forget in this article.

If you want to spend your life in peace, safety and happiness with your family, Bursa will be very good for you. Bursa is waiting for you with suitable facilities and home options in line with your request.

If you want to know about Bursa, please ask us. Stay tuned for our other articles about Bursa…

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