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Top 11 Reasons Why Invest in Commercial Real Estates in Bursa Turkey

If you estimate immediately return of investment (ROI) time when you heard about a store in a shopping mall or on a famous avenue was for sale, you are an investor and most probably you are about to invest in real estate…

Investing in commercial real estate is one of the best ways for a rental income. You may buy a hotel, a restaurant – cafe, or any kind of commercial asset… All of them might be a good investment opportunity if you have chosen the correct location… You know what people say about 3 important criteria about property investment,“ location, location, location” … 

Location can describe both a city, country, district and an exact point of the property in the street or in the shopping mall…

Investment in commercial and industrial real estates has fewer risks compared to residential properties. On the other hand, commercial real estate provides a high monthly return of investment, long term, and guaranteed rent…

Tenants in commercial real estates want to stay in properties long terms between 3 to 10 years. Especially supermarkets and bank branches do not move to another store in short periods.  Commercial tenants tend to stay in a workplace longer, especially if they invest some capital for decoration of the property.  

As another advantage of commercial and industrial properties, being its owner does not mean that you have to afford all costs like renewing, painting, repairing… 

Mostly, tenants bear the cost as mentioned above! 

For well-chosen commercial and industrial real estates, tenants are likely to make improvements to the structure and layout of the area, which can increase the price of the property. 

If you select a good property, the demand for renting of this commercial property will increase the value of your property…. 

If we are all agreed about investing in commercial real estates, let’s clarify the location… We should think to start from the globe! Do you prefer a country in war? Do you prefer a country that does not develop? Would you invest in a country with a small population? I am pretty sure you are saying “no” to yourself.

There are some reasons of why foreign investors like Turkey, lets glance at them shortly… 

  1. A country famous for its hospitality
  2. Has a strategic geopolitical location
  3. An important center for trading
  4. Fast increasing value of the properties
  5. The beauty of its nature
  6. A bridge between Asia and Europe
  7. High percentage of the youth population
  8. Fast-growing Economy
  9. EU and Turkey customs Union 
  10. Developed at Tourism, agriculture, and industry (automotive, textile, machine)
  11. Turkish Citizenship 

Here, we would like to share further details below,

Fast-Growing Economy:

Since 2002 Turkey’s economy has begun to improve rapidly. The GDP increased to 820b USD in 13 years. This is witnessed growth! The annual increase in GDP was 5% during these 13 years… 

Fastest Growing Economy 2012-2017 (OECD)

6th largest economy in Europe 2013, and 16th in the globe. Within these years export figures increased by approximately 250% 

About the beauty of nature:

I think before visiting Turkey, or taking a decision on investment, you had better visit Turkey for just traveling as a tourist! Visit Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya … There are a lot of places must see.. when you once discover its beauty you will just think about to find the correct location to buy a commercial property

Briefly, Turkey is one of the best countries for investment, and Bursa is one of the best cities for investment…. You will find more details about Bursa at our following blogs.

And maybe the best of the reasons why you should invest in the commercial real estate in Turkey is achieving  Turkish citizenship by investment.  Also, you may check our blog about getting Turkish Citizenship by investing

Now you have 11 reasons to invest in Turkey. 

To make an investment or to buy something to buy in Turkey, you may get in touch with us.

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