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Mobile home, Caravan home, Tiny House for sale

776.250 TRY
24 m2
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Playwood floor is used instead of OSB floor to prevent the cold that may come from the floor.
Galvanized Kenet roofing material, which is more durable, was used instead of wood on the exterior.
Instead of narrow and low areas, it has been designed in wide and high dimensions so that even a basketball player can feel comfortable while using parts such as the kitchen and bathroom.
We used imported brand moisture barrier, izocam brand rockwool, Knauf brand gypsum board material as insulation material on the walls.
Halogen-free cables, which are called fireproof cables in the entire electrical installation, do not produce the black smoke and toxic gases that PVC cables emit during fire. Fireproof cables also come to the fore with their feature of reducing heat release and preventing the spread of flames.
Pimapen brand comfort glass, which is the highest level of PVC joinery that can be used in the market, was used to provide much better insulation.
The standards of our chassis are also higher compared to many other products. A thicker and meatier profile was used.
The wide usage area in your garden, the connection of the parcels to each other and the olive trees, walking paths, wide roads etc. You will have many advantages.
Imported baked material, which is more durable, was used on wooden surfaces. While using an imported paint as a preservative, its strength was increased by choosing a material that protects against sun and moisture.

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